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Who are we?

JellyCircus is a Welsh web design service from UK Wales, Bridgend.

We offer affordable web design for portfolios, e-commerce, blogs,

commercial & everything in-between.

- Quality

We understand that coming across as professional is a must, your website is usually one of the first impressions, so you need to make it count!

- Save the Pennies

Web Design can be an expense some just can't afford! However, we will be able to make a package suitable for you without compromise on quality.

- Maintenance

Unfortunately, this is something most will forget but all websites need maintenance, modifications will be needed, and to keep you high on search engines (i.e. Google). But not to worry as we will be here to keep your website up to date.


We have several set packages for the most basic of needs:

Most popular requests are now given in 3 packages 'Basic' 'Silver' & 'Gold' Please refer to the table below.

Our plans are useful for many websites such as personal pages, business websites, blogs, or shops.

Don't be put off if you're not sure what you need! We are more than happy to discuss your needs and build a customized package with you.



From £200
  • Up To 4 Basic Pages
  • Simple Contact Form
  • 1/mo Maintenance
  • Extra Add-ons Available*
  • *Please request a price list for our Add-ons


From £400
  • Up to 10 Pages
  • Contact Form
  • Picture Gallery
  • 6/mo Maintenance
  • Extra Add-ons Available*
  • *Please request a price list for our Add-ons


From £600
  • Up to 20 Pages
  • Contact Form & Map
  • Picture Gallery
  • Blog**
  • E-commerce Shop**
  • 1/yr Maintenance
  • Extra Add-ons Available*
  • *Please request a price list for our Add-ons
    **Pick one

All in one

We also offer a ONE PAGE package. (This website would be an example of this type of website)

These types of websites are very popular and give a much more 'Modern' feel. It's a great way to have a presence online without having a big overwhelming website, which can also help cut costs dramatically.

This package will have basic functionality with a simple design which is all that most will require.

However, more advanced options are available if required.

From £155
  • One Page Design
  • Responsive
  • Picture Gallery
  • Contact Form
  • Up to 5 sections of Content
  • Advanced Add-ons Available*
  • *Please request price list for our Add-ons




Maintenance will cover edits to all content (text, pictures, files, contact info etc), coding updates, and general upkeep to maintain the healthy condition of your website.

JellyCircus offer affordable maintenance plans - these are recommended to all customers; running a website can be costly, especially if issues arise due to neglect.
The web is constantly updating, and in order to have a happy, healthy website you should ensure everything is up to date. This will prevent your website from experiencing any downtime or loss.

Any changes to your website content will also be covered under our maintenance plan with our monthly backups.
Our maintenance plan can be purchased for 6 months or annually. We can offer updates & edits without a maintenance plan, however, you will be charged an hourly rate should you ever require any maintenance.

Terms & Conditions Apply - Please ask

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If you are looking for a quality website for your business or for personal reasons please get in contact and we can work together to get you the website you need.

If you want an itemized price list for all available options please mention this when contacting.